Client Participation Group

Client Participation Group

What are Patients Participation Groups and why are they needed?

After being used in GP practices for many years, Patient Participation groups became a requirement of GP contracts in April 2015. As an NHS GP, our proprietor, Dr Aisha Davies, felt that the principles of a patient participation group could and should be transferred to care companies, therefore Star Homecare Services is launching a Client Participation Group (CPG).

The role of the CPG includes:

  • Being a critical friend to the company;
  • Advising the company on the client perspective and providing insight into the responsiveness and quality of services;
  • Organising health promotion events and improving health literacy
  • Organising social events for clients
  • Regular communication with the client population

Who is part of the Client Participation Group?

The Client Participation Group will be developed to ensure regular engagement with a representative sample of the client population. It will have a structure that allows it to reach the broadest cross-section of the client population. This will include the involvement of relatives of clients if clients give their permission.

Company engagement with the Client Participation Group will include obtaining patient feedback and, where the company and Client Participation Group agree, acting on suggestions for improvement.

Reviewing feedback

We aim to be regularly reviewing feedback with our Client Participation Group to consider areas for improvement. Sources of feedback to review may include:

  • Clients and their family priorities and issues;
  • Themes from complaints and suggestions;
  • Planned company changes;
  • Bespoke survey;
  • Care Quality Commission (CQC) related issues;
  • Views from local voluntary and community groups

How will the Client Participation Group be structured?

The Client Participation Group may be a virtual or a face-to-face group, or a combination of the two. The Terms of Reference for the CPG are available to read for those interested in joining.

Client Participation Group action plans

The company will develop an action plan with the Client Participation Group. This plan will focus on improving practice and implementing changes for improvement identified by the Client Participation Group through the sources of feedback listed above.

The action plan will be in the form of a report. The Client Participation Group and the company can use this report as evidence that feedback has been considered and that the Client Participation Group has been properly engaged. The report may include details on the make-up of the Client Participation Group against the general client population, sources of information analysed, areas identified for improvement, actions that were taken to address these priorities, and the resulting changes made.

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