PASS System

At Star Homecare we use an excellent electronic care planning and notes system called PASS.
Our carers use the mobile based system to receive the care plan for each of their clients, using the app they are able enter care notes and medication records.

Not only can the app be used by carers, it can also be used by staff, clients and their families, keeping everybody in the know and serving as a hub of communication. It can be accessed via both app or on the web.


The PASS system has significant advantages:

  • The moment we hear that there is a change in medication we can inform carers
  • When there is a change required to the care plan, we can instantly make this change online or on the app
  • Managers will have instant notification of tasks that may not have been completed, and are therefore able to directly contact carers to enquire and rectify

The real time feature allows any changes to the client’s record to be immediately visible. Should any healthcare, social care professional, or family member call our office, we have instant access to the up-to-date records, plans and details for each client. This online shift marks a substantial improvement in homecare and allows for us to provide you with support of the highest quality and efficiency.

GP Connect Integration Feature

GP Connect makes patient medical information available to all appropriate clinicians when and where they need it. This allows for improved communication and real time updates that can directly effect patient care. This development should see improvement in both care and outcomes.


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