Live In Care

Live In Care

If you are looking for care and considering a residential home for you or your loved one, have a read of this months informative blog, as we explain why Live In Care can provide the best solution.

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What Is Live In Care?

The role of a live-in carer is to provide round the clock care to the person in need, within their own home. The services provided by a live-in carer are bespoke to the person in need and their day-to-day requirements. By living in their home, the carer is able to assist as and when required, and in a way that promotes independence and dignity.

People often misinterpret Live In care to be a vastly more expensive option than a
residential care home. This is not the case. According to the Which cost of care and eligibility checker, the average cost of a residential care home in Buckinghamshire is £1000 a week. You can see for yourself by clicking the link and entering in your postcode.

Star Homecare’s Live In Cost’s start from £150 a day, which equates to £1050 a week. So, that’s just £50 more a week to receive bespoke personal centred care, with a carer of your choice, perfectly matched to you and your needs, all from the comfort of your own home.

Why Choose Live In Care?

Keeping People Together

There are many positives to Live In care that residential care homes simply cannot offer. When a person reaches the point of requiring professional care, it can be emotionally challenging for them and their loved ones. One of the major positives that comes with Live In care, is that couples are able to stay together. Research has found there to be a reduction in the quality of life for people receiving care in care homes. Separating those in need from their homes and their loved ones can have an adverse effect on a person’s well-being.

By choosing Live In care, partners of the person in need are able to stay with their loved one, in their own home. Not only does the Live In structure keep couples together, it also facilitates a support network, as friends and family members are able to visit freely without restrictions. A flow of communication is also maintained between the person in need and their family by using online care plan platforms such as PASS and Client Participation Groups.

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Quality Of Life

Live In care promotes choice, independence and dignity. As the care is provided within the client’s home, the level of disruption to life is minimal. Pets can remain as part of the family, and with the carers assistance they can continue to be looked after. If able, clients can carry on with lifelong hobbies and interests, and maintain free reign of in-home entertainment such as television and radio. Mealtimes can be personalised to the client and not regimented to care home schedule. The client also has choice over the meals that are cooked for them, as well as snacks and beverages. These may just sound like everyday expectancies, but it’s having the freedom to make choices on these everyday occurrences that contributes to a person’s quality of life.

Privacy is a fundamental element to the preservation of dignity. With Live In care, trust and rapport can be built between the client and the carer, as the client is cared for by the same familiar face each day. It is this level of trust, combined with the privacy of your own four walls that sets Live In care above the rest. These four walls not only promote privacy, but they also provide comfort and familiarity. Uprooting to a care home can be extremely unsettling. The furniture, the rooms, the whereabouts of your belongs, everything that once was has now changed.

Requiring a carer is an extremely personal service, and at Star Homecare we believe that the person in need should be at the heart of every choice, arrangement, and outcome. So, if you or your loved one are in need, be sure that the care you entrust in is person centred.